What is Cisgender?


Can someone explain to me what cisgender is because I’m not sure if I understand it completely and I’ve been seeing it around a lot. 

"Cisgender" and "Cissexual" are terms used to define persons whose physical sex (sexual organs) match their gender identity and vice versa.

So, if I am a a person of the male sex and I consider myself to be a man, then I am Cisgender/sexual.

If, however, I am a person of the female sex and I consider myself to be a man and/or wish to alter my genitals to match this gender identity, I am Transgender/sexual.

Why Bother with “Cis”?


What is the origin of the phrase “cis”?
I mean, there are no discernible root words, and it describes something that was previously taken for granted, thus there was no need for that word.
I’m just curious.

"Cisgender" or "Cissexual" finds its root in the Latin "Cis" which means "to/this the near side". "Cis" is also the antonym of the "Trans". So, basically, "Cisgender/sexual" means "This side of Gender/Sex".

The fact that something was previously taken for grated does not negate the current need for a term to define something. In this case, not having a term for that sexual identity implies that it is “normal” which in turn implies that “Trans” people are “abnormal” which can lead to interpretations such as “weird” and/or “bad”. Having names for both things shows that they are equal but not the same.

No Hetero


I’m not heterophobic or anything but, Im so tired of seeing straight cis people rubbing it in my face all the time! I mean I get it, your sex at birth matches your gender, that doesn’t mean you have to parade around town! Also a man and a woman together!? In public! Just gross! Please stop! But I’m not heterophoic! 

"Gender" vs. "Sex"


WAIT…SO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME…Gender is something that isn’t related to genetics?! I NEVER WOULD HAVE FUCKING KNOWN…thank you for showing me the light guys. Srsly. Thank you so much. 

Take some science classes if you’re going to try to insult someone who knows their shit.  
Punnett Squares…jackass.  

I believe you have missed the point, phosphenevision.

"Sex" refers to the sexual organs assigned during pregnancy (where those lovely Punnett squares come in), or created during gender-affirmation surgery. These can be Male, Female, or Intersex.

"Gender" refers to the identity and traits assigned to a certain sex by a social group. Gender (as opposed to "Sex") varies throughout the world and has varied throughout history.

While sex is decided by biology, Gender is decided by a society or by an individual if their needs aren’t met by the gender constructs of their society.

In other words, we’re not talking about our privates, we’re talking about our identities.


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LGBTQ* Artist You Should Know

Reginald Marsh

-Illustrations/art/etchings part of the series “Chop Suey Dancers”

-Late 1920s

-Depicted couples of the same sex dancing together in New York nightspots

-Many characters intentionally created to be ambiguous (Marsh wanted audience to ask if dancers were assumed gender, in drag, or androgynous)

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